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We give financial institutions the leading-edge tools and expert insights they need to optimize their performance and risk - now and for the future.

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20 Years Supporting Client Success

Leverage our expertise in the pursuit of your goals.

A Results-Driven Workflow

Make evidence-based strategic and risk decisions for your institution.

Data Modelling

We transform granular data from banking and accounting systems into an efficient structure for cashflow forecasting.
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Decision Analytics

We translate cashflow forecast results into valuable information and business intelligence.
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Advisory Services

We analyze and interpret Decision Analytics to highlight opportunities and risks that may otherwise be missed.
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A Unique Approach

Actively and confidently manage your business with the right tools and advice for the constantly changing economic and competitive environment.

We Help You

Decide Actively

Forward-looking financial performance and risk analytics
Comprehensive, enterprise-focused reporting
Rapid turnaround of deliverables
Actionable recommendations

We Help You

Decide Confidently

No restrictive fixed-term contract
Flexible source data requirements
Secure, transparent modelling processes
Accurate, granular model results
Experienced team

An Integrated Part of Your Team

We may work off-site, but we engage directly with your team like we're one of your own.


Transcend organizational silos and proactively plan for your institution’s future with multi-year financial performance and risk forecasts.


  • Comprehensive balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and KPI forecast analytics
  • What-if scenario modelling and analytics
  • Budget, strategy, and competitive benchmarking analytics

Board of Directors

Track your institution’s progress over time within the context of competitive benchmarking analytics and budget, risk tolerance, and regulatory alignment analytics.


  • Custom training and education sessions
  • Subject-matter expertise and meeting attendance

Treasury, ALM, and Risk Managers

Financial institutions are in the business of risk-taking. Quantify and actively manage your institution's risks with pragmatic measurement techniques developed by experienced industry practitioners.


  • Detailed financial margin, interest rate risk, funding risk, and liquidity risk analytics
  • Stress testing and ICAAP support
  • Policy and risk tolerance alignment and competitive benchmarking analytics
  • Derivatives execution support and monitoring
  • Product development and pricing support

Financial Planning & Analysis Managers

Back up your institution's plans with hard numbers and forward-looking analytics.


  • Model results datasets for internal business intelligence and reporting
  • Comprehensive balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and KPI forecast analytics
  • What-if scenario modelling and analytics