Our History

We've come a long way in 20 years. Join us for the next chapter.

2000 - 2013

Founding and Early Development

PRO Financial Solutions was founded in 2000 to support credit unions with interest rate risk analytics and advice. Over time, our processes and expertise evolved to include a full Asset Liability Management (ALM) service, including regular risk assessment reports, Management and Board education, assistance with derivative transactions and hedge accounting, and support with regulatory compliance.

2013 - 2019

Continuous Improvement

Upon this strong foundation, we continued to innovate in the ALM space, expanding our service offering to include liquidity and credit risk analytics, detailed financial margin analytics and financial forecasting, budget modelling, product profitability analytics, and economic capital/ICAAP analytics.

2020 and Beyond

Today and the Future

Today, we’re more than simply an “ALM” firm.  We give financial institutions a comprehensive set of data, analytics, and advisory tools they can utilize to make educated decisions that drive success at any point in the economic cycle.

Our Philosophy

We believe financial institutions should use quantitative, forward-looking evidence from a wide range of perspectives to make sustainable strategic and risk decisions throughout the economic cycle.

Our Mission

We uncover key information that helps clients manage their balance sheets to generate consistently higher returns over time.
We identify, measure, evaluate, communicate and execute to help clients actively manage risk.
We empower clients to align their unique financial objectives and risk tolerances with market opportunities and economic conditions.

Our Values

We stand by our work and use it to build strong relationships that succeed over time. We are straight-shooting, transparent, and accountable.
We have an unparalleled capacity to decode data, reveal vital analytics, and deliver clear recommendations. We are precise, evidence-based, and comprehensive.
We’re always learning and developing new tools and methods to drive our client’s success. We are proactive and focused on continuous improvement.

Our Team

Gain unique insights and perspectives into your business by drawing upon our 163 years of combined experience in technology, data science, accounting, finance, asset-liability management (ALM), capital markets, business intelligence, and communications.

Advisory Group

Scott McCaffrey


Chief Executive Officer

Scott oversees all aspects of PRO’s business, drawing upon his nearly three decades of senior leadership experience in Treasury, ALM, and governance across multiple financial institutions.

Filip Jakobs


Head, Risk
Head, Capital Market Strategies

Filip leverages extensive derivatives and fixed income trading, investment, and treasury management experience at chartered banks and credit unions as he develops and executes strategies for clients.

Andrew Clauson


Head, Performance Forecasting
Head, Analytics

Andrew leads the design and implementation of PRO’s analytics and business intelligence tools, and assists clients with policy development, ICAAP, and long-term strategic performance analysis.

Data Modelling Group

Judy Sam


Data Modelling
Model Development

With vast experience implementing and operating financial models at various credit unions, Judy leads PRO’s modelling team and provides valuable quality assurance for all updates to the Empyrean model.

Andy Yan


Data Modelling
Hedge Accounting

In addition to working with client data and financial modelling, Andy utilizes his tremendous financial experience in banks and credit unions to handle all hedge accounting documentation for client derivatives.

Antony Rutter


Data Modelling
Process Improvement

Antony adds a unique perspective to PRO, drawing upon his years of experience in FP&A across numerous industries in his work with client data and modelling and process automation.

Technology Group

Michael Paone

BSC (1st Hon)

Manager, Systems and Technology

Michael manages and maintains all of PRO’s information technology and systems architecture, including the development of custom end user applications that streamline workflows and enhance processes.

Kurt Laitner


Systems Architecture

Kurt oversees and coordinates PRO’s overall technology strategy, sourcing solutions and ensuring the systems architecture remains suitable for our needs.

Client Experience Group

Michelle Muselius


Head, Communications

With a MFA in creative writing, Michelle puts her stamp on all PRO communications to ensure all analysis and recommendations are conveyed clearly, concisely, and consistently.

Graeme Pitches


Business Development

Graeme leverages his nearly two decades of sales experience in multiple industries and in multiple countries in the development and management of PRO’s client relationship management processes.

Our Partners

Leverage the benefits of industry-leading software tools and investment managers.

Empyrean Solutions

Cash Flow Forecast Model Software

Empyrean’s certified cash flow modelling software is the backbone of PRO’s assessments of clients’ balance sheet positions, and rapidly produces relevant, accurate results for performance and risk analysis.


Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform

Yellowfin powers PRO’s interactive, online decision analytics platform (currently in development). Connected directly to our data warehouse, it enables clients to visually explore their Empyrean model results and analytics.

Connor, Clark & Lunn (CCL)

Investment Management

CCL is a Vancouver-based investment firm, offering a managed fund product with an allocation of 70% fixed income and 30% in a market neutral equity strategy. PRO client investments are pooled to reduce management fees.

Phillips, Hager, North (PHN)

Investment Management

PHN is a Vancouver-based investment firm, offering a managed fixed income fund employing a variety of credit exposure techniques to enhance yields. PRO client investments are pooled to reduce management fees.