Service Options

Choose the combination of services that best fits your institution's unique objectives and requirements.



Actively manage risk within your institution's unique tolerance levels with comprehensive financial risk analytics.

Interest Rate Risk
Funding and Liquidity Risk
Credit Risk (IFRS-9 ECL)
Credit Risk (Unexpected Loss)
Stress Testing and ICAAP
Regulatory Compliance



Monitor operational and budget alignment with detailed current and next-fiscal-year financial forecasting.

Balance Sheet Position
Balance Sheet Yields and Costs
Balance Sheet Cash Flows
Income Statement
Key Performance Indicators



Enhance long-term strategic planning and monitoring with comprehensive multi-fiscal-year financial forecasting.

Balance Sheet Position
Balance Sheet Yields and Costs
Balance Sheet Cash Flows
Income Statement
Key Performance Indicators
Product Profitability

All Services Include

Data Modelling

Ensure streamlined processing and accurate results with flexible source data requirements and transparent procedures.
Custom Data Transformation
Ensure a sound starting position with flexible source data requirements, secure data transmission and retention, transparent procedures, robust data validation and error detection, and comprehensive reconciliation.
Model Assumptions Control
Accurately model your expectations with transparent assumption inputs for balance sheet growth and pricing, income statement, policy and risk tolerance constraints, and stress testing parameters.
Unlimited What-if Scenario Modelling
Compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of multiple strategic and/or tactical options with custom ad-hoc scenarios and rapid turnaround of model results.


Transcend organizational silos and consider a wide range of forward-looking perspectives when evaluating your institution's performance and risk profile.
Competitive Benchmarking
Understand how your institution's risk and performance forecasts stack up against your competitors with anonymized comparative analytics from other PRO clients.
Risk Alignment *
Monitor Key Risk Indicators in the context of your institution's unique policy and risk tolerance limits and regulatory requirements.
* applicable to Risk services only
Budget/Strategic Alignment *
Track financial performance forecasts and Key Performance Indicators against your institution's unique budget and/or strategic targets.
* applicable to Performance services only

Advisory and Support

Highlight opportunities and risks that might otherwise be missed with hands-on, straight-shooting relationship management, analysis and reporting, and governance support.
Dedicated Relationship Management
Ensure that PRO’s full suite of processes and deliverables are being deployed in your institution’s strategic plans with a formal communication channel for new and ongoing suggestions, needs or concerns.
Expert Analysis and Reporting
Gain unique insights and actionable recommendations on your institution's performance and risk profile with detailed analysis reports prepared by PRO Advisors.
Governance Support
Expand your knowledge base and that of your institution's Board of Directors by leveraging PRO's library of client resources and engaging customized training and education sessions.