About Us

Mission Statement

PRO Financial Solutions is a straight-shooting, innovative advisory firm dedicated to enhancing the performance of deposit-taking institutions. We are a unique combination of data, technology,  financial and communication experts who engage with the executive level, leveraging our strategic partnerships   in the pursuit of excellence that far exceeds client expectations. 

We consider our integrity as critical to our success as our unparalleled capacity to decode data, reveal  vital information, and provide clear recommendations that consistently drive higher returns.

Reporting (What we do with your numbers)

PRO uses Empyrean Strategic Partners ALM modelling software to assess our clients' balance sheet positions and produce relevant, accurate data for analysis. We perform a wide variety of advanced margin simulations and multi-year forecasts, earnings and fair value risk analytics and performance stress tests—all while efficiently backtesting our results for consistency and reasonability. Data administration is fully comprehensive with complete integrity and high security.

Advisory (What you can do with your numbers)

Not just numbers, PRO emphasizes interpretation and analysis. We provide our clients with concise reports that transform data into pertinent information, highlighting potential risks and opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

Unlike our competitors, PRO's reports also contain useful, timely recommendations that include investment management, product development, marketing programs and off-balance sheet strategies. We are experts in developing policy and establishing objectives that meet clients' risk/reward needs and preferences. We consider ourselves part of the team and are active participants in the ALCO process.

Training and Education (We make sure you understand your numbers)

PRO is committed to ensuring our clients fully understand their position and potential.

We work comprehensively with management personnel to strengthen their treasury knowledge. We collaborate with Boards of Directors to improve their understanding of ALM, explain proposed changes to existing processes and strategies, and implement appropriate reporting and monitoring procedures. We also communicate with audit firms and regulatory agencies to enhance their understanding of the implementation of risk assessment tools and processes as well as changes in accounting and financial reporting requirements.